Wood Tools Crossword


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1     2                      
3            4      5         6    
     9          10            
   12                13        
     14                  15    
         17      18            


2. Used to take off fine layers of wood and cleaning surfaces
3. For filing in holes you would use this tool
4. Used to hold work steady
7. The unit of measurement used in DT
10. Used for checking and marking right angles
11. Sand and glass paper are both types of these?
12. Used for wasting material shaped like a semi-circle?
13. Used to remove small shavings or chips of wood
14. Used for coarse work on soft wood material
18. A small hammer used for tacs
20. A type of abrasive paper, you may drink from this?
21. For holding wood steady whilst sawing
22. Used for striking chisels and wood
23. Used to measure
24. Used for sawing in straight lines


1. For drawing parrallel lines against a straight edge
2. A machine for sanding
5. Used and operated by hand to drill holes
6. Used for marking small holes in wood to start a screw off
8. A file used for flat surfaces
9. A machine for drilling
15. A clamping device
16. An abrasive paper use on wood
17. For cutting a curved shape in wood
19. Made from carbon or high speed steel, used for drilling