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1. The lightest wood - used for making model planes.
6. Nigerian teak - used for making science bench tops.
7. A red brown tropical hardwood.
10. A European hardwood used to make benches.
12. A type of pine which is used to make staircases
13. Medium density fibreboard.
16. An oily hardwood
17. Layers of wood at right angles.
19. The pattern in the wood which is in the direction of tree growth
20. A defect in soft woods- where the side branches grow out.


2. A softwood used to make joists and roof trusses.
3. A thin layer of wood which is glued on to improve the appearance
4. The wood from a tree with silver bark - used to make high quality plywood
5. Wood damage caused by a the larvae of a beetle.
8. Used to make kitchen worktops.
9. A fungal disease of wood.
11. Used for making models and patterns.
14. Wood which has been made into round section lengths
15. Very strong wood used to build wooden warships
16. The main part of the tree from timber is produced.
18. The leaf is the symbol of Canada.