Name the tools



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 1     2   3                   
   6                  7     
   9                10       
   12             13          
  18       19                 


2. Marks lines parallel to the edge when working on metals.
5. Checks squareness when working on metals - has a burr groove.
6. Spins metal round so that it can be shaped when tools are pushed against it.
8. Holds work securely so that it can be used on machines e.g. pillar drill.
9. Used to cut marks into the wood when marking out.
12. Used to file metals to shape or size. Rectangular cross section.
13. Marks circles and curves on metal surfaces.
15. Smaller than a tenon saw used to cut dovetail joints
17. A saw which cuts metals.
18. Used to measure. Can also be used to draw straight lines.
20. Used to scratch marks on a metal surface. Don't forget the layout blue.
21. Cuts internal (inside) threads.
22. Used for general cutting but especially for cutting joints such as tenons.


1. Clamped in a vice and used to hold wood against when sawing.
3. Used with a die stock or holder to cut external (outside) threads.
4. A machine which is used to shape metal accurately.
7. A computer controlled lathe.
8. Used to draw lines parallel to an edge especially useful when cutting joints.
10. Cuts curved shapes. Also used to help remove waste wood when cutting comb joints or dovetails.
11. Made from high speed steel (HSS) - used for drilling holes in metals.
14. Check for squareness (90 degrees).
16. Used to hit a chisel with, when cutting joints.
19. Shaped like a half round file but only to be used on wood - for shaping wood.