Systems and Control Crossword


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2. Used in car steering systems
5. A system that works using electricity
8. A working part that controls the flow of fluids in pipes or tubes.
9. The path through which electric current can flow
10. Rests on and is operated by a cam
13. A toothed wheel that meshes with another to transmit movement
14. Wher information or signals enter a system.
16. Done using machinery
18. Detects a change in energy.
20. A source of electrical energy.
21. An offcentre wheel - turns rotary motion into reciprocating machine
22. A device which is used to control temperature.
23. A beam or stick that is used to gain a mechanical advantage when used with a fulcrum.
24. A system that uses liquids to transmit power.


1. Information sent from the output back to the input.
3. A wheel with a groove in the rim - a belt,rope or chain links the wheels together; used to transmit power and lift weights.
4. The effect produced by the system.
6. A mechanism that can change the distance through which rotary motion travels.
7. A system that works using electronics.
11. A band running around two or more pulleys
12. Control - the part of a system where decisions are made.
15. Air control
17. A working part which has a particular function.
19. An electrical device used to turn electricity on and off.