Metal Tools Crossword


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1     2   3                   
  5    6            7      8     
       10               11   
         14    15       16       


2. Used to file metal with a circular shape
6. This piece of equipment is used like a compass
7. Used to to cut metal
9. The name given to metal that doesn't contain iron.
12. Wet and dry, and emery are both a type of this?
13. The name for metals that contain iron
18. Used to cover the metal in ink
19. The unit that we measure in, in DT
20. You draw around this to create the same shape every time
21. An abrasive paper of coarse grain


1. This piece of equipment is used to check right angles and to see if something is 'square'
3. Used to scratch lines on the surface of the metal parralel against an edge, one of the legs may be odd?
4. Used to scratch lines on the surface of the metal
5. Its like a hacksaw only smaller
8. Used to measure things in metal work
10. A file shaped like a semi-circle
11. The bottle opener is this type of metal
14. Used to locate a hole and leave an indent
15. A piece of machine used in the workshop to drill holes
16. An abrasive paper that you can use wet
17. Used to file metal, its not bumpy but a ____file