Manufacturing Crossword



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4. To use machines instead of workers!
8. A type of pattern.
9. The first version of the new product.
10. No longer needed.
11. The limits within which components are manufactured is + or - a %.For example a resistor is manufactured to be + or - 2%.
12. The process of checking for accuracy and high standards of manufacture.
13. In order to save money on storing components they are delivered as needed on the production line.
15. To look closely.


1. Primary production starts with these e.g. when making steel.
2. Short for made with the help of computers.
3. An aid to manufacture.
5. Manufacturing in small numbers such as 500 units.
6. When only one product is made as a prototype, craft item or special order such as piece of furniture or a wedding dress
7. The name of the production type when plate glass or petrol is produced?
10. A programmable machine used on production lines.
13. Short for just in time!
14. The production type invented by Henry Ford which is still used in a similar form to manufacture cars today
16. Designing making use of computer hardware and software.