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 7              8          
9      10   11         12          13   
  14        15            16     
  17               18        
  19            20           
 21    22   23          24    25         
 26        27                


3. A very tough thermoplastic.
5. Used to make lemonade bottles.
6. A thermoset which covers worktops and laminate floors
7. Metals which have no iron.
8. The proper name for plastics.
9. Interior car trim.
10. Safety shields are made from this.
12. A dull, silver coloured metal which has a low density
14. Used to fire ceramics.
15. Synthetic rubber. An elastomer!
17. High resistance. Low conductivity.
18. Chisel handles may be made from this thermoset.
19. Cores of electromagnets are made from this.
20. Traditional ceramics had this property but not the high tech ones.
22. Trade name for polyester.
25. A yellow (gold) coloured alloy of copper and zinc.
26. A tough engineering plastic, also used to make stockings!
27. Steel which does not corrode or rust.
28. A substance which can lower the melting point in ceramic manufacture, also neede for soldering!
29. Metal with high compressive strength but low tensile strength.


1. A pink or reddish metal which conducts very well.
2. Metals which contain iron.
4. A mixture of two materials such as GRP.
8. Resin used in the manufacture of GRP.
9. A mixture of two or more metals.
11. High conductivity low resistance.
13. Metal used to manufacture car body shells.
16. Shiny, silver coloured, high carbon steel.
21. Metal used to galvanise mild steel.
23. Thermoset made by mixing equal parts of resin and hardener.
24. An alloy of tin which is used join elctronic components on a PCB.