Designing - Keywords - Crossword


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11             12         


2. The design being refined and finalised in all of its details.
4. Changes made while designing and making the product.
6. A range of possible solutions to the problem.
7. A general description of the problem.
8. The steps needed to make the product. Usually making use of a flow diagram.
9. Making a simple version of the product or its key parts to see how well it works.
12. The object made.
13. Judging how well the product solves the original problem.
14. A list of what the product has to do, look like and how it should work.
15. The actual production or manufacture of the product.
16. Looking closely at the information gathered and drawing conclusions.


1. The resources needed to make the product.
3. How well does the product work - compared to the specification points.
5. A clear description of the problem you are going to solve.
10. Parts that are already manufactured and then included in the product, such as screws or hinges.
11. To gather relevant information from a range of sources.