Smart and Modern Materials Crossword


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   12               13           
 14       15                     
        17     18                


2. Changes colour with temperature.
3. Polymer, used to make eye protection products.
7. Lightweight metal material used in construction
8. Very strong, low density and corrosion resistant metal
9. Used to make heart valves and other medical implants.
11. Related to Buckminsterfullerine
12. Used in optical displays.
14. Change colour when exposed to light, especially UV.
16. Used to make parts in F1 and Aerospace.
19. Magnetic liquid
20. Mixture of two or more materials to produce improved properties.
21. A two-part mix adhesive producing a thermoset polymer.


1. Acronym is SMA
4. Emits light.
5. This material changes temperature when exposed to a stimulus, can be used for cooling.
6. A material which produces an electric current when a force is applied.
10. Synthetic gem, used on watches and instrument panels.
13. Can be used to make a slow hinge or damper.
14. Low melting point polymer, used for gum shields.
15. Light weight version used to cover the Space Shuttle.
17. Self cleaning. PTFE coated plastic, used to build Eden!
18. SMA