Year 7 Book
this is an online version of the year 7 book that can be used to help with your revision for tests and the end of year exam, you may also find this useful when doing homework
this section contains guidance that will help you to sketch, draw and render your designs effectively
2D Design
exercises and examples to help you make the most out of the 2D Design Program
this will contain guides on how to make the most of ProDesktop and how to develop your skills through exercises
there are three projects in this section the fuse tester,
the steady hand game and the burglar alarm
how to guide on planning and making your projects
this will be very useful for doing homeworks and revising for exams
this is an introduction to the materials that you will be using at KS3, such as metals, woods and plastics
this is an introduction to the tools that you are likely to use when making the projects at key stage 3
this contains information about drawing on the computer
and then converting your drawing into a real object
using machines such as the laser cutter and CNC machines