There are many sections on this site that you can explore to develop your Design and Technology expertise. The links section contains links to many interesting sites such as the Flying Pig and the Cabaret Automata site.

Advanced Prodesktop work can be seen on galleries available through the Prodesktop links section.

There is a site designed for teachers of the gifted and talented. This is the link:-

Guidance on Teaching the gifted and talented



Here is a list of tasks /projects which you could undertake if you are in years 7- 9


  • Draw a 3D view of the school stage and then build in the scenery for a play of your own choice. Remember scenery is painted on flats which are large boards which can have doors and windows in them.
  • Design a house with all the floors, rooms, windows, doors etc. Draw it to real life scale i.e. 1::1. Export the design into the album and render all the surfaces inside and out.
  • Design automata ( Mechanical Toy) using levers and/or concentric cams. Make sure it can move and perform as expected. Now produce an animation by using either Prodesktop itself or by exporting a series of GIF file to another program such as - XARA X.
  • Investigate "lofting through profiles" and produce drawings of - a computer mouse, an ice cream cone, a flying saucer.
  • Investigate revolve around axis. Produce drawings of an apple, a wine bottle with cork, a wine glass, a cup (try to add a handle).
The Laser Cutter
  • Use 2D Design. Design a money-box made from 5mm acrylic sheet. It must clip together without glue. As the money enters it must either operate a mechanism animating something on the money-box or operate an electronic circuit with an interesting output.
  • Convert the automata drawing to 2D Design and cut it out to produce the real product.
Smart Materials
  • Research smart materials. Link to Smart Materials
  • Use a piece of Nitinol to make either a latch, an automatic roller, or lifting arm. Think of another use for the wire.
  • Use paper roll tubes and an empty drinks can to make a low voltage bedside or study lamp (battery operated). You will also need 4mm nuts and bolts, a switch, wire and a lamp.
  • Research ergonomics. Design and modify a mug to make it easier to use for a person with stiff hand joints. Use polymorph to mould the modified handle.