Product Design Gallery 1

The Carphone Warehouse

The Carphone Warehouse project was sponsored by the Carphone Warehouse in conjunction with the local Education Business Partnership.


This design by Sammie Lee Lowrie is grade B work The model is made from foam board and PVC transparent sheet. The textures were printed on a colour laser printer and then spray mounted onto the foam board.
Grade B work by Ronnie Winterflood. Good use of the large window and effective Carphone Warehouse graphics. The model trees and shrubs help to give an impression of the design in a shopping precinct.
This design by Mandy Day is grade B work. The organic shape of the entrance is particularly interesting. The model trees soften the design and give an impression of how the shop might look in a shopping precinct.
This grade A work by Kayleigh Boone. Good use of detail both within and without the model. The hanging displays inside the model are particularly interesting.
This is grade B work by Kayleigh Boone - a more traditional design but with good use of detail. Effective graphics and again use is made of laser printed patterns and textures.