Lower School Projects

Bottle opener

The bottle opener - made from mild steel and plastic dip coated. It opens crown caps.

Year 7 project.

The steady hand tester - a game of skill. Uses simple electronics to keep the LED alight if you touch the bendy wire.

Year 7 project.

Steady hand tester
Biscuit cutter

The biscuit cutter - made from HIPS. The vacuum forming machine is used to good effect forming plastic sheet over the wooden mould. The biscuit cutter will make biscuits to your design.

Year7 project

The Ferrous Hound - a metal pet. This project is made from mild steel, the parts are drilled, cut and filed to shape then brazed together. The hound can then be dip coated before you take it home. Needs careful looking after!

Year 8 project

Ferrous hound
Game of skill

A plastic game of skill. Can you get all the ball bearings in place? This project uses acrylic plastic laminated and shaped. A clear lid can be glued on as well.

Year 9 project

The G-Cramp - A useful project using mild steel. Cutting threads is the hard part. The lathe is also used on this project.

Year 9 project.

G- cramp