Metal Working Tools

Marking out tools

Centre punch - used to make a mark before drilling holes. The dent locates the drill and stops it skidding around on the metal surface.

Do not centre punch plastics, soft materials do not need to be centre punched. Acrylic may shatter!

Centre punch

Dot Punch - used to witness mark when marking out. The dots made in the metal surface are easier to see than scribed lines and are clearly seen as the file reaches them. Not used on plastic.

The angle means the dent is deeper and narrower than that of the centre punch.

Dot punch
Dividers - Used to draw curves and circles, especially on metal surfaces which have been covered in layout blue to make the lines more visible. Can also be used to measure with when marking out repeat distances along a marked line (walk the dividers along the line leaving scratches).
Odd leg calipers (dividers).- used to mark lines parallel to the edge. Especially useful for marking centre lines. Find the centre by repeated check and adjust from each edge.
Odd leg calipres
Steel rule - Made from stainless steel and with markings starting and finishing at the ends or with a round end and hole for hanging up. The divisions are in millimetres
Engineers try square - Used to check for squareness and to aid in scribing lines at a right angle to the edge. Engineers square

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