Year 7 Projects


(a) key-fob.

You will be asked to design and produce a key-fob from a piece of plastic 60mm x 40mm x 5mm. as shown in below. One popular idea is to base it on someone’s Initials or produce a shape that relates to an Individual.

Key fob dimensions (sizes)

b) Steady-hand game
A small wooden stand Is made to hold a board and an odd-shaped piece of wire.

Steady hand game

An electronics circuit is added and if the ring touches the wire It causes a red L.E.D to come on. To make the wooden stand strong, 2 housingjoints will have to be cut Into the base, as shown below.

Housing joint stand

(c) biscuit cutter

From a piece of MDF 60mm x 60mm x I 0mm you have to produce the shape for a biscuit cutter, as in Fig. 2.4. The final shape will serve as a mould (pattern) and a hot sheet of plastic will be formed over and around It (similar to “Play-doh” cutters/shapes). In order that the block of MDF (mould) can be removed from the plastic, once it is cold, there has to be a slanted edge around the shape (called a drag).

Biscuit cutter - not a good shape

(d) bottle opener
A piece of mild steel has to be accurately marked-out to create the required shape. shown in Fig. 2.6. Once the shaded area is cut away this end will lift off the metal cap (crown top) found on bottles made of glass.

Bottle opener