This is an introduction to Design and Technology at Warren.

You will be using lots of different tools in the next year or so. There are many types of tools used just for marking-out work, and even more for cutting and making things the right shape. It will take a while to learn all the names of these tools, and know how to spell them correctly! But to begin with, it is more important that you know the reasons and advantages for using each tool. Otherwise, it is easy to spoil practical work or not do things as accurately, and as well, as it is possible to.

Small pieces of wood or plastic can easily crack, split or break; by using an unsuitable tool. It is very easy to spoil your practical work by using ‘the wrong tool”. Trying to cut or mark-out a piece of metal with an unsuitable tool will break or ruin the tool!

Your teacher will show you the correct, easy and safe way to use tools, during practical lessons. Gradually you will become familiar with the proper uses of all tools, machines and pieces of equipment.

The information In this booklet is intended to help you to understand more about tools, machines and equipment. You will then know the reasons why, where and when to use all of these so as to make practical work easy and enjoyable.