Metal Working Tools

Hacksaws are used to cut through pieces of metal. They can only cut along straight lines.The blade Is replaceable and can be turned to cut along pieces of metal. Make sure the blade Is tight with teeth facing forward.


Files come in a wide range of sizes and shapes.They can be 150mm - 250mm long and either “flat”, round, square or half-round, in (cross-sectional) shape.
The most common file, that is flat is called a HAND file. It has teeth on both surfaces but only along one edge. The other plain edge is called the safety edge and can be useful. Files also come in different grades from smooth to very rough. Do not waste your time and energy by using the wrong file! Although files are hard, they are not strong. Do not tap or bang them, as they break very easily.

Types of files - han, half round, round


These hammers are used for all general purpose metalwork. The ball end Is used for rivetting (a way of joining pieces of metal together). Hammers must NEVER be banged together as it is a very dangerous things to do. As the hammers are identical, they can break and split and very hot pieces of metal can fly anywhere!


Ball pein hammer

These are used for straight cuts In light metal work. The frame is sprung-loaded to keep tension In the blade.

These are used for shaping and bending metal. without damaging or bruising the surface of the work (leaving hammer marks).


Rawhide hammer

ENGINEERS VICE. Used to hold metal, but should not be done-up too tightly.


Engineers vice

COMBINATION PLIERS Used for holding work and cutting round wire.

Combination pliers

Emery Paper
is used to clean and finish the surface of metal.

A MACHINE VICE is used for holding work securely, while drilling on a pillar drill.

PiLLAR DRILLS allow accurate holes to be drilled, with little effort needed. The drill- bit has to be fixed correctly. along with the work. Guards must be in position and pupils must wear goggles, white using the
machine. Only one pupil can use the machine; everyone else stands clear.

Pillar drill