Safety Rules


1 . Coats and blazers must be removed during all practical lessons and hung- up on coat hooks.

2. Bags must be put safely out of the way, wherever your teacher instructs you to place them.

3. An apron must be worn during practical lessons.

4. Any loose clothing, such as ties and long sleeves, must be made ~ safe especially while you are using a machine.

5. Long hair must be tied back.

6. Pupils must wear goggles while using a machine.

7. Stools must be stored safely out of the way during practical lessons.

8. Do not run or hurry around the workshop. at any time.

9. Only one pupil at a time must use a machine. Anyone who is waiting must stand at least 2 metres away.

10. Do not talk to anyone using a machine. or shout out loud, as such distractions can be very dangerous.

1 1 . Always carry and hold tools in a safe manner, e.g. down by your side and facing the floor.

12. Wash your hands after practical work but do not touch electrical switches while they are still wet.

13. Do not leave tools placed near the edge of a bench, or place long pieces of material in a vice, where someone could injure themselves.

14. Gloves must be worn while handling hot pieces of work.

15. Do not allow dangerous objects to be left on the floor. Inform your teacher of any spillage.

16. Report all. mishaps and accidents to your teacher; you may be doing something wrong of there could be a fault.

17. You must not use a machine without a teacher’s knowledge and approval.

1 8. Do not use potentially dangerous tools or machines unless you have been taught how to.

19. Replace all tools and equipment at the end of a lesson and sweep-down any mess you have made on a bench, vice or machine.

20. Know where all the emergency stop buttons are, both around the workshop and on individual machines. Do not use them unless in the case of an emergency.

2 1 . Make sure work is held securely in a vice, or clamped correctly, before drilling holes.

22. Certain sharp hand tools, such as wood chisels and knives, have to be held correctly while being used: to avoid the possibility of injury. Both hands must hold chisels with work held in a vice or clamped-down. Do not hold work with one hand.

23. Remember to use guards on machines. Switch off the power before making adjustments.

24. Make sure the room has good ventilation if plastic is being cut or some adhesives are being used, i.e. open windows and switch on extractors.

25. Do not use a disc-sanding machine or linisher to remove waste material, but only to give a good finish.
(Use saws to cut waste away). Remember, everything else turns to dust; which is very harmful!