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  HW 1 Clamping Devices
G-Cramp HW2 G-Cramp Ideas
  HW3 Thread Cutting
  HW4 G-Cramp Tools
  HW5 G-Cramp Revision
  HW6 Alarm Components
Alarm HW7 Alarms Research
  HW8 Inputs and Outputs
  HW9 Colour Code
  HW10 Soldering Questions
  HW11 Alarm Revision
  HW12 Shop Front Logos
Shop HW13 Carrier Bag
  HW14 Shop Front Poster
  HW15 Shop Revision
  HW16 Game Research
Game HW17 Game Ideas
  HW18 Game Development
  HW19 Game Plan
  HW20 Tool Safety
  HW21 Game Manufacturing
  HW22 Game Finishing
  HW23 Game revision
Short projects HW27 Laminating Ideas.
  HW28 Adornment Themes
  HW29 Smart Materials
  HW30 Adornment Ideas