HW1 Key Fob HW12 Bottle Opener
- Tools
HW23 Hand Graphics
- sketching and control 1
HW2 Safety Picture HW13 Bottle Opener
- Planning
HW24 Hand Graphics
Shading and control 2
HW3 Safety Spellings HW14 Bottle Opener
- Non Ferrous Metals
HW25 Hand Graphics
- Working with colour
HW4 Bottle Opener Tools HW15 Bottle Opener
- Finishing
HW26 Hand Graphics
- Perspective
HW5 Bottle Opener Spelling HW16 Biscuit Cutter
- Research Wood
HW27 Hand Graphics
- Logograms
HW6 Biscuit Cutter Spelling HW17 Biscuit Cutter
- Templates
HW28 Steady Hand Game - Backboard
HW7 Biscuit Cutter Tools HW18 Biscuit Cutter
- Planning
HW29 -
HW8 Steady Hand Tools HW19 - HW30 -
HW9 Steady Hand Spelling HW20 Computer Graphics - Computer System HW31 Steady Hand Game - Planning
HW10 Key Fob Tools HW21 Computer Graphics - Graphics Questions  
HW11 Key Fob Spelling HW22 Hand Graphics
- Equipment