Industrial Production - Project Guides




New guide and sheets for the Injection Moulding Project

The guide includes complete exemplar sheets for each section




New guide and sheets for the Embossing Tool Project

Use the exemplar sheets for the injection moulding project as a general guide.




The previous version of the guides is still available below


Click here to download all the files in word format (zip file) - 151Kb

Click on the links below to download the pages in PDF format

1. Coursework Deadlines and Progress Sheet.

2. Coursework Guide

New version of Coursework Guide (Word Version)

3. Design Folder Design Frames -

Injection Moulding Kit

Clamping Device

Embossing Tool

4. Research Paper 1

5. Research Information 2

6. TEP experiment sheets

7. Development - Pictures of Model

8. Evaluation of Ideas and Model

9. Evaluation of Model

10. Development - Detail Sketches from Model

11. Patent Office Worksheet

12. Pupils Coursework Progress Sheet