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The impact of CAD/CAM on industry:
Changes in production methods.

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Quiz Manufacturing

Global manufacturing.
Web link Concurrent engineering for Global manufacturing
Employment issues.
Web link Automation & Employment
The trend from manual CNC programming to the use of software programs
that generate CNC codes from drawings. (Students are not required to generate ISO programs.)

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The use of software applications that process production data and control a network of different machines from a central system.
Computer-aided design - Commonly-used computer-aided design techniques, including the use of graphics and specialist software to aid the design process, i.e.:

to create and modify designs and layouts, e.g printed circuit board layout
Web Link PCB Production
for 2D/3D modelling and prototyping

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to construct accurate drawings
to create complex products
to create virtual products
Web link Prodesktop
to create total design concepts, including use of multi-media.
Common input devices such as the mouse, stylus, tracker-ball, graphics tablet, digital camera, scanner, 3D scanner.
Common output devices such as printers, XY plotters, plotter-cutters and CNC
Computer-aided manufacture

The use of commonly-used CNC machines, die lathes, milling machines, punches, drilling machines, knitting machines and looms, cutting machines, printing, sewing and embroidery machines, pressing equipment, printers, plotter-cutters, engravers.

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The use of CAM when producing products for short or long runs in varying quantities, die one-off, batch production, high-volume/continuous production.
Quiz Manufacturing
Advantages/disadvantages of CAM relating to time, costs, waste management, standardisation and reliability.
Web link Advantages and Disadvantages of CNC