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Computer-Aided Design, Manufacture and Testing (CADMAT), Computer-Integrated Manufacture (CIM), Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) and their wider application in industry, i.e.:
creative and technical design

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modelling and testing

production planning
control of equipment, processes, quality and safety
control of complex manufacturing processes
integrated and concurrent manufacturing, modelling and testing
Web link Concurrent engineering for Global manufacturing
Robotics - The industrial application of robotics/control technology and the
development of automated processes such as that used for:
CNC programming
materials handling, retrieval and storage
monitoring quality and safety
process control
continuous operation
work in hostile environments, i.e. space, work with chemicals.

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Complex automated systems using artificial intelligence (AI) and new technology.

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The use of block flow diagrams and flow process diagrams for representing simple and complex production systems including open/closed loop control, feedback and degrees of freedom.
Web link open & closed loop control
The advantages and disadvantages of automation and its impact on employment, both local and global
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Uses of ICT in the manufacture of products The impact and advantages/disadvantages of ICT within the total manufacturing process, including:
electronic communications, i.e. email, Electronic Data
Interchange (EDI), Integrated Services Data Network (ISDN),
Local Area Networks (LAN), global networks (internet), video
conferencing, new communications technology

Quiz Internet

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electronic information handling, i.e. Computer-Aided Market
Analysis (CAMA), Computer-Aided Specification Development (CASP).
automated stock control, i.e. just in time

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production scheduling and production logistics
flexible manufacturing systems, i.e. quick response
Web link FMS
production control, i.e. monitoring quality using digital camera
Web link quality control & monitoring
product marketing, distribution and retailing, i.e. electronic point of sale, internet market
Web link point of sale